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There was a shipwreck at sea and Mad Ade, Smelly O'Riley and Elvis impersonator Tavish McPresley were washed ashore on a small island. Reaching the shore, exhausted, they all fell asleep. Mad Ade woke first (Whilst having a glorious dream about living in a land where Kebabs were served every meal, and twice for breakfast), and saw that a box of bananas had been washed ashore. Being greedy as he is, he ate one third of the bananas and went back to sleep to continue his Kebab related dreams. Next, Smelly O'Riley woke up, and seeing the box of bananas, ate one third of what was left and went back to sleep. Tavish McPresley woke up next and assumed that the other two hadn't eaten any bananas, so he ate one third of what remained. When Tavish McPresley had finished, there were eight bananas left over. How many bananas were in the box originally?

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