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There are five houses in a row, each of a different colour, and inhabited by 5 people of different nationalities, with different pets, favourite drinks, and favourite sports. Use the clues below to determine who owns the monkey and who drinks water.

The Englishman lives in the red house.
The Spaniard owns the dog.
Coffee is drunk in the green house.
The Russian drinks tea.
The green house is immediately to the right of the white house.
The hockey player owns hamsters.
The football player lives in the yellow house.
Milk is drunk in the middle house.
The American lives in the first house on the left.
The table tennis player lives in the house next to the man with the fox.
The football player lives next to the house where the horse is kept.
The basketball player drinks orange juice.
The Japanese likes baseball.
The American lives next to the blue house.

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