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It was a typical day for Louisiana Jones, who found himself risking death for a mythical and tasteless artefact. This particular day Louisiana was in the crypts of a previously undiscovered Inca temple. In front of him lay three doors. Above the doors there was writing. Luckily, Louisiana had just read 'Inca for dummies' and could easily translate the inscription. The writing said, 'behind one of the three doors awaits the golden rug, but beware, because behind the other two doors are really nasty monsters.' To aid you in your choice there are signs on each door, but they may be true or false.' Which door hides the golden rug?
Door 1. At least one of the signs is false
Door 2. Door 1 leads to the rug if door 3 does not.
Door 3. The rug is not behind door 2.

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