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Now you get Direct Service

The place I work for has supplied me with a new Call Answer service. Before I received 'that', I had to go through the switchboard - a lengthy process. I'd say 'Hi there, any messages?' and the receptionist would give them to me. Sometimes we'd talk. A lot of time was wasted.

Now you get direct service.

I spent the weekend studying the electronic messaging service's user guide. There are 25 pages of clearly worded explanations, written flawlessly. But still .... 25 pages !

So I spent the weekend reading the manual, and I think I'm ready to climb on the electronic telephony bandwagon. Shall we give it a try ?

First I have to dial the number that gives me access to the system (say 285 7887). But from my place, that's a long distance call, so I have to dial 514 285 7887, plus 19 for the service in English. Then I have to punch in my carrier's calling card number, another 14 digits. Are you following me ? At central messaging I'm asked for my Call Answer number (say 1259) and password (say 8891). Lets recap: 0 514 285 7887 1923432547 9088 71 1259 8891 ...

Nice and short isn't it ? But my Call Answer service informs me I've entered the wrong access command ? Right. I forgot to press the hash (#) key after entering my password. So I start punching in the numbers again. 0 514 285 7887 1923432547 9088 71 1259 8891 #. Hurray !

'You have two new messages. Message number one, received at 2:06 pm. To listen to your message press 2; to go on to your next message press 6; to return to the previous message press 4 ..'

'What ?'

'For more information press the star key.'

'The star key ? OK, the star key.'

'You are now at the main menu. Several options are available: to reach the caller, press 9; to answer press 71; to answer several messages at once press 74; to transfer the call to another telephone press 73; to erase press 76; to review options press 7, then press the star key ...'

As I was saying, I used to have to call the switchboard operator.

'Are there, are there any messages for me ?'

'Yes, you've got two.'

Occasionally she'd ask me 'It is raining down there ?' or 'How are the cats ?' In short you'd be wasting time.

Now you get direct service.
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