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It's time! It's definitely time to resurrect the original ‘meanings’ in the TLA of IBM. You may think you know the Three-Letter-cronym of IBM stands for International Business Machines, but you'd be wrong. Try these:

What IBM really stands for...

According to Computer Digest (July, 1989)

Retyped from The Report on IBM News Digest November 8, 1989

I Blame Mathematics

I Break Monthly

I Bring Madness

I Bring Manuals

I Broke Mine

I Built Mine

I'd Be Misinforming

I'd Buy Macintosh

I'll Buy Macintosh

I'm Being Manipulated

I'm Beyond Mistakes

I'm Buying Macintosh

I've Become Magnanimous

I've Been Mangled

I've Been Mauled

I've Been Mesmerized

I've Been Misled

Ici Beaucoup Merde

Iconoclastic Bilateral Monopoly

Icons Bygones my Mom's

Idealistically Backwards Microcomputers

Ideas Bring Money

Idiots Became Managers

Idiots Being Mental

Idle Brain Malfunction

Ifs Buts Maybys

Ill-manners Being Mandatory

Ill-mannered Besotten Macrocasm

Illustrious Bankruptcy Malefactor

Illustrious Busy Mice

Imbecilic Bad Micros

Imensa Bola de Manteca

Inimitably Boring Microcomputers

Immeasurable Bigheaded Malapert

Immovable Brash Monolith

Impeccably Blue-dressed Managers

Imperial Bellicose Marauder

Imperialist By Marketing

Impersonal Bellicose Magnate

Impious Bacchnalain Metropolis

In Business (for) Money

Inadequates Becoming Millionaires

Inane Brutish Merchandising

Incompatible Blue Machines

Inconsistent Business machines

Incontinent Bandolerisimo Moloch

Increasingly Bad Manufacturing

Increasingly Banal Movement

Incredible Bowel Movement

Incredibly Bad Merchandising

Incredibly Ballsey Marketeers

Incredibly Belligerent Merketing

Incredibly Big Manufacturer

Incredibly Big Monster

Incredibly Bloody Minded

Incredibly Boastful Mercenary

Incredibly Boring Manuals

Incredibly Broad Monopoly

Incredibly Bullying Menace

Indecision Breeds Mistakes

Indecorous Big-named Medusoid

Indigestion Bothers Me

Industrial Bowel Movement

Industry Bowel Movement

Industry's Biggest Mistake

Industry's Bulging Monolith

Inept Bulling Menace

Inevitably Bad Marketing

Inferior Before Macintosh

Infernal Biggest Mistake

Infernal Blue Machines

Infinite Budget Merchandising

Infinitely Baffling Motives

Inherently Bad Manuals

Innovation By Management

Insanely Better Marketing

Insensitivity Begets Mediocrity

Inshallah Burak Ma'lesh

Insidious Byzantine Mentality

Insignificant Bothersome Machine

Insipidly Bankrolling Millions

Insolent Bickering Mal-der-mer

Install Bigger Memory

Insulting Boorish Manner

Insultingly Boring Microcomputers

Intensely Boring Machines

Intentionally Braindamaged Machinery

Intercourse Beats Masturbation

Interesting But Mediocre

Interesting But Mundane

Intergalactic Bottomline Mistake

Internals By Mediocrity

International Bit Mangler

International Bowel Movement

Intersmashable Byte Manipulators

Into Building Money

Intriguingly Blue Motif

Invented By Maladroits

Invented By Marketing

Invented By Murphy

Irresponsibly Behaved Multinational

It Broke Me

It's Become Monolithic

It's Been Malfunctioning

It's Better 'morrow

It's Better Manually

It's Beyond Monolithic

It's Broke Ma'am

It's Bugging Me

It's Bullshit Mommery

Itty Bitty Machines

Itty Bitty Maharishi

Itty Bitty Mentality

Itty Bitty Mouse

[I]diots [B]uilt [M]e

[M]achine [A]lways [C]rashes. [I]f [N]ot, [T]he [O]perating [S]ystem [H]angs
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