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Waste some time
Have a donut and some coffee
While you are supposed to be working


In the beginning there was a plan and that plan was based on assumptions and the assumptions were without form and the plan was without substance and was void and the darkness fell upon the faces of the workers and they spoke unto their Team Leaders saying:

'Its a crock of shit and it stinks'

and the Team Leaders went to their Managers and said:

'It is a pail of dung and none shall abide the odour'

and the Managers went to their Directors and said:

'It is a container of excrement and it is very strong such that none here may abide by it'

and the Directors went to the General Manager and said:

'It is a vessel of fertiliser and none can abide by its strength'

and the General Manager went to the Chief Executive Office and said:

'It contains that which promotes plant growth and is very strong'

and the CEO went to the Minister and said:

'It promotes growth and is very powerful'

and the Minister said to the Cabinet:

'This powerful new plan will actively promote the grown and efficiency of (insert your company name here)'

and the Cabinet looked upon the plan and they saw that the plan was very good and rejoiced.

And the plan became policy.
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