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25 Uses for Used Condoms

1. Have 'water' balloon fights.
2. Glue a bunch together and use to replace silicon breast implants.
3. Freeze them for an all- natural Popsicle.
4. Glue several together and sell as a 'Stretch Man' toy.
5. Use for a Xmas stocking for those times when coal doesn't tell 'em just how bad they screwed up this year.
6. Ear/nose plugs.
7. Use 365 of them to make into a tire, and call it a 'Good Year'.
8. Replace those old 'Dr. Scholl's' shoe cushions.
9. Feed them to your pet iguana, Clyde.
10. Paint scales on them & put them in a fish tank.
11. 'I challenge you to a duel!'
12. Drain plugs.
13. Put them in with your tax return.
14. Go see 'Saturday Night Fever' and throw them at the screen.
15. Punching bags.
16. Hang them on the blades of a ceiling fan.
17. Send 50 of them to your ex-girlfriend.
18. Novelty key rings.
19. Hang them all around your windshield and be a chicano.
20. Spell 'Happy Birthday' on a cake.
21. Break out your paints and make wax fruit.
22. Put them on your nipples and try to swing them in opposite directions.
23. Make a 'water' bed.
24. Put your money in one. Nobody will steal it!
25. Stick one on the bridge of your nose and run around saying 'Gobble Gobble'.
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