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Have a donut and some coffee
While you are supposed to be working

Do It Claims

6809 PROGRAMMERS can do it with a BRA
6809 PROGRAMMERS can do it without SEX
A KING does it with his official seal
ABERDONIANS do it sheepishly
ACCOUNTANTS are good with figures
ACCOUNTANTS do it for profit
ACCOUNTANTS do it to the bottom line
ACCOUNTANTS do it with balance
ACCOUNTANTS do it with double entry
ACCY MAJORS do it in numbers
ACTIVISTS try to force you to do it their way
ACTORS do it in the limelight
ACTORS do it on camera
ACTORS do it on cue
ACTORS do it on stage
ACTORS play around
ACTORS pretend doing it
ACTUARIES do it in multidisciplined teams
ACTUARIES do it in numbers
ACTUARIES do it to prevent unneccessary losses
ACTUARIES do it with little risk
ACTUARIES do it with mathematicians
ACUPUNCTURISTS do it with a small prick
ADA PROGRAMMERS do it by committee
ADA PROGRAMMERS do it in packages
ADVERTISERS use the "new, improved" method
ADVERTISING MAJORS do it with style
AEROBICS INSTRUCTORS do it for the heart
AEROBICS INSTRUCTORS do it until it hurts
AEROSPACE ENGINEERS do it with lift and thrust
AGENTS do it undercover
AGNOSTICS can't imagine doing it
AGNOSTICS do it without comprehension
AI HACKERS do it artificially
AI HACKERS do it breadth first
AI HACKERS do it depth first
AI HACKERS do it iteratively
AI HACKERS do it robotically
AI HACKERS do it with expertese
AI HACKERS do it with robots
AI HACKERS do it with rules
AI HACKERS make a big production out of it
AI PEOPLE do it with a Lis(ss)p
AIR COURIERS do it all over the world in big jets {01}
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS do it with their tongue
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS tell pilots how to do it
AIRLIFTERS penetrate further, linger longer, and drop a bigger load
AIRLINE PILOTS do it at incredible heights
ALCOHOLICS do it bottles
ALGEBRAISTS do it with homomorphisms
ALGORITHMIC ANALYSTS do it with a combinatorial explosion
ALPINISTS do it higher
ALVIN TOFFLER will do it in the future
AM DISC JOCKEYS do it with Modulated Amplitude
AMERICA finds it at Waldenbooks
AMERICANS do it patriotically
ANAESTHETISTS do it until you fall asleep
ANALOG HACKERS do it continuously
ANARCHISTS do it revoltingly
ANESTHETISTS do it painlessly
ANGLERS do it with worms
ANGLERS do it on riverbanks
ANIMAL BREEDERS do it with frequency and variation
ANIMATORS do it 24 times a second {02}
ANIMATORS do it in real time
ANNOUNCERS broadcast
ANSI does it in the standard way
ANTHROPOLOGISTS do it with culture
APL PROGRAMMERS are functional
APL PROGRAMMERS do it backwards
APL PROGRAMMERS do it in a line
APL PROGRAMMERS do it with glyphs
APL PROGRAMMERS do it with style
APOLOGISTS do it orally
APPLE NEWTON users hold it in their hands
ARCHEOLOGISTS do it in the dirt
ARCHEOLOGISTS do it until they're ruined
ARCHEOLOGISTS do it with mummies
ARCHEOLOGISTS search for hidden bones
ARCHERS use longer shafts
ARCHITECTS are responsible for the tallest erections
ARCHITECTS do it late
ARCHITECTS have great plans
ARCHITECTURAL HISTORIANS can tell you who put it up, how big it was -
- and why it's no longer standing
ARCHITECTURE MAJORS stay up all night
ARCHIVISTS preserve it for posterity
ARLO GUTHRIE does it on his motorcycle
ARMOURS guns penetrate further
ARSONIST do it with fire
ARSONISTS do it with matches
ART HISTORIANS can tell you who did it, where they did it, what they used and -
- how they did it, but shudder at the possibility of doing it themselves
ARTILLERYMEN do it with a burst
ARTISTS are exhibitionists
ARTISTS do it by design
ARTISTS do it expressively
ARTISTS do it in the buff
ARTISTS do it with creativity
ARTISTS do it with emotion
ARTISTS do it with flair
ASSASSINS do it from behind
ASSASSINS do it stealthily
ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMERS do it a bit at a time
ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMERS do it byte by byte
ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMERS know all the right movs
ASSEMBLY LINE WORKERS do it over and over
ASTRONAUTS do it in orbit
ASTRONAUTS do it in weightlessness
ASTRONAUTS do it on the moon
ASTRONAUTS do it while spaced out
ASTRONOMERS can't do it with the lights on
ASTRONOMERS do it all night
ASTRONOMERS do it all over the universe
ASTRONOMERS do it from light-years away
ASTRONOMERS do it in the dark
ASTRONOMERS do it only at night
ASTRONOMERS do it under the stars
ASTRONOMERS do it whenever they can find a hole in the clouds
ASTRONOMERS do it while gazing at Uranus
ASTRONOMERS do it with Uranus
ASTRONOMERS do it with all the stars
ASTRONOMERS do it with big bang
ASTRONOMERS do it with heavenly bodies
ASTRONOMERS do it with larger apertures
ASTRONOMERS do it with long tubes
ASTRONOMERS do it with stars
ASTRONOMERS do it with their telescopes
ASTROPHYSICISTS do it with a Big Bang
ASTROPHYSICISTS do it with a big bang
AT&T does it in long lines
ATHEISTS do it without guilt
ATTORNEYS make better motions
AUDIOLOGISTS do it aurally
AUDIOLOGISTS do it with frequency and intensity
AUDITORS like to examine figures
AUSTRALIANS do it down under
AUTHORS do it by rote
AUTHORS do it by the book
AUTO MAKERS do it with optional equipment
AUTO MAKERS do it with standard equipment
AUTO MECHANICS do it under hoods, using oil and grease
BABIES do it in their pants
BABYSITTERS charge by the hour
BACH did it with the organ
BAILIFFS always come to order
BAKERS do it for the dough
BAKERS knead it daily
BAKERS let it rise
BAKERS serve up sticky buns
BALLERINAS do it en point
BALLET DANCERS do it on tip-toe
BALLET DANCERS do it with toes
BANANA PICKERS do it in bunches
BANANAS do it in bunches
BAND MEMBERS do it all night
BAND MEMBERS do it in a parade
BAND MEMBERS do it in front of 100,000 people
BAND MEMBERS do it in public
BAND MEMBERS do it in sectionals
BAND MEMBERS do it on the football field
BAND MEMBERS do it with rhythm
BAND MEMBERS do it with their instruments
BAND MEMBERS play all night
BANJO PLAYERS pluck with a stiff pick
BANKERS do it for money, but there is a penalty for early withdrawal
BANKERS do it with interest, but pay for early withdrawl
BANKERS have bigger assets
BANKERS like big deposits
BAPTISTS do it under water
BARBARIANS do it with anything
BARBERS do it and end up with soaping hair
BARBERS do it with Brylcreem
BARBERS do it with shear pleasure
BARNEY does it with children
BARTENDERS do it on the rocks
BASEBALL PLAYERS do it for a lot of money
BASEBALL PLAYERS do it head first
BASEBALL PLAYERS do it in series
BASEBALL PLAYERS do it in teams
BASEBALL PLAYERS do it with their bats
BASEBALL PLAYERS hit more home runs
BASEBALL PLAYERS make it to first base
BASIC PROGRAMMERS do it all over the place
BASIC PROGRAMMERS do it by the number
BASKET BALL players do it through hoops
BASKETBALL PLAYERS score more often
BASS CLARINETS put it between their legs and blow
BASS PLAYERS do it with something big and brown
BASS PLAYERS just pluck at
BASS PLAYERS just pluck at it
BASS TROMBONISTS have bigger 'bones
BASSISTS do it with their fingers
BATMAN does it with Robin
BAYSEIANS probably do it
BBSers don't do it -- they just chat about it
BEEKEEPERS do it with hives
BEEKEEPERS like to eat their honey
BEER BREWERS do it with more hops
BEER DRINKERS get more head
BEETHOVEN did it apassionately
BEETHOVEN was the first to do it with a full orchestra
BELL-RINGERS pull it themselves
BETA TESTERS do it looking for mistakes
BICYCLISTS do it off the road
BICYCLISTS do it with 10 speeds
BIKERS do it on wheels
BIOLOGISTS do it with clones
BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERS do it with artificial limbs
BIRDERS do it in the bush
BIRDS do it, bees do it, even chimpanzees do it
BISEXUAL WELSHMEN do it with cows *and* sheep
BLACKJACK players do it double down
BLONDES do it with a thermos {03}
BLUE ANGELS do it in tight formation {04}
BO JACKSON knows doing it
BOARDHEADS do it with stiff masts
BOBBITT used to do it
BODYBUILDERS do it with muscle
BOOKKEEPERS are well balanced
BOOKKEEPERS do it for the record
BOOKKEEPERS do it with double entry
BOOKWORMS only read about it
BOOZERS do it bottoms up
BOSSES delegate the task to others
BOUNCERS have more ejections
BOWLERS do it in the alley
BOWLERS do it with three fingers
BOWLERS have bigger balls
BOXERS do it with fists
BOXERS do it with their gloves on
BOY SCOUTS do it in the woods
BOY SCOUTS do it in troops
BOY SCOUTS do it with Brownies
BOY SCOUTS do it with sticks
BRANCH DAVIDIANS do it with fire
BREASTSTROKERS have better hip action
BRIAN does it conservatively
BRIAN heads the Conservative Party
BRICKLAYERS lay all day
BRIDGE PLAYERS do it with finesse
BRIDGE PLAYERS don't need a partner, if they have a good hand
BRIDGE PLAYERS try to get a rubber
BUDDHISTS imagine doing it
BUGS BUNNY does it with carrots
BUILDING INSPECTORS do it under the table
BURGLARS do it without protection
BUS DRIVERS come early and pull out on time
BUS DRIVERS do it in transit
BUSINESSMEN screw you the best they can
BUTCHERS have better meat
C PROGRAMMERS continue it
C PROGRAMMERS do it with pointers
C++ PROGRAMMERS do it with "OOP, there it is!"
C++ PROGRAMMERS do it with class
C++ PROGRAMMERS do it with private members and public objects
C++ PROGRAMMERS do it with their friends, in private
CADAVERS do it six feet under
CADAVERS do it stiffly
CADAVERS do it under wraps
CADAVERS do it with their eyes closed
CALCULUS MAJORS do it in increments
CALCULUS STUDENTS do it by parts
CALIFORNIANS do it laid back
CAMELS do it with props (Sopworth Camel was aeroplane with a propeller)
CAMPERS do it in a tent
CANADIANS do it bilingually
CANADIANS do it in English and French
CAPTAIN KIRK does it where no man has gone before
CAR CUSTOMISERS do it with a hot rod
CARDIOLOGISTS do it halfheartedly
CARDIOLOGISTS do it lightheartedly
CARDIOLOGISTS do it wholeheartedly
CARPENTERS do it tongue-in-groove
CARPENTERS hammer it harder
CARPENTERS nail harder
CARPET FITTERS do it on their knees
CARPET LAYERS do it on the floor
CARTOONISTS do it with just a few good strokes
CATHOLICS do it a lot
CATHOLICS talk about it afterwards
CAVALIERS do it mounted
CAVERS do it in the mud
CAVERS do it underground
CBers do it on the air
CELLISTS give better hand jobs
CEOs do it at conventions
CEOs do it in conference rooms
CEOs do it to the rest of the company
CHARLES does it royally
CHEAPSKATES pay less for it
CHEERLEADERS do it between periods
CHEERLEADERS do it enthusiastically
CHEERLEADERS do it with more enthusiasm
CHEERLEADERS do it with pom-poms
CHEFS do it for dessert
CHEFS do it in the kitchen
CHEFS do it with spice
CHEMICAL ENGINEERS do it in packed beds
CHEMICAL ENGINEERS do it under a fume hood
CHEMISTS do it in an excited state
CHEMISTS do it in test tubes
CHEMISTS do it in the fume hood
CHEMISTS do it organically
CHEMISTS do it periodically on table
CHEMISTS do it reactively
CHEMISTS do it with pipettes
CHEMISTS like to experiment
CHESS PLAYERS check their mates
CHESS PLAYERS do it in their minds
CHESS PLAYERS do it pushing wood
CHESS PLAYERS do it with knights/kings/queens/bishops/mates
CHESS PLAYERS make better mates
CHESS PLAYERS mate better
CHIEFS do it with tradition
CHIROPRACTORS do it by manipulation
CHIROPRACTORS do it, but they X-ray it first
CHOIR BOYS do it unaccompanied
CHRISTIANS do it with amazing grac
CHROMATOGRAPHERS do it with packed columns
CIRCUIT DESIGNERS have a very low rise time
CITY PLANNERS do it with their eyes shut
CITY STREET REPAIRMEN do it with three supervisors watching
CIVIL ENGINEERS build large erections with rigid members
CIVIL ENGINEERS do it by reinforcing it
CIVIL ENGINEERS do it in the dirt
CIVIL ENGINEERS do it in the soil {06}
CIVIL ENGINEERS do it with an erection
CIVIL ENGINEERS do it with their bridges (britches) up
CIVIL ENGINEERS don't just do it, they give a dam
CIVIL ENGINEERS have been doing it as long as there has been dirt and -
- they are STEEL doing it
CLARINETS do it by sucking and blowing
CLARINETS squeak when they do it
CLERICS do it with their gods
CLIMBERS do it in harnesses
CLIMBERS do it on a high
CLIMBERS do it on rope
CLIMBERS do it up thin cracks
CLIMBERS do it with dangling nuts {07}
CLIMBERS do it with their friends
CLIMBERS do it with their hands
CLINTON does it to us
CLOCK MAKERS do it mechanically
CLOWNS do it for laughs
CLUSTER ANALYSTS do it in groups
COACHES whistle while they work
COBOL HACKERS do it by committee
COBOL PROGRAMMERS do it very slow
COBOL PROGRAMMERS do it with bugs
COBOL PROGRAMMERS do it with reams (of papaer)
COCKROACHES have done it for millions of years, without apparent ill-effects
COIN COLLECTORS do it in all denominations
COLLECTORS do it in sets
COLONEL SANDERS does it, and then licks his fingers
COLONEL SANDERS does it, then licks his fingers
COMEDIANS do it for laughs
COMMANDO'S do it for the insertion
COMMODITIES TRADERS do it in the pits
COMMUNICATORS do it long distance
COMMUNICATORS talk about it
COMMUNISTS do it without class
COMPLEXITY FREAKS do it with minimum space
COMPOSERS do it by numbers
COMPOSERS do it with a quill and a staff
COMPOSERS do it with entire orchestras
COMPOSERS leave it unfinished
COMPUTER ENGINEERS do it with minimum delay
COMPUTER NERDS just simulate it
COMPUTER OPERATORS do it upon mount requests
COMPUTER OPERATORS get the most out of their software
COMPUTER OPERATORS peek before they poke
COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS do it interactively
COMPUTER SCIENCE students do it with hard drives
COMPUTER SCIENTISTS do it bit by bit
COMPUTER SCIENTISTS do it on command
COMPUTER SCIENTISTS simulate doing it
COMPUTERS do it in ASCII, except IBM's which use EBCDIC
CONDUCTORS do it rhythmically
CONDUCTORS do it with 12 to 16-inch sticks
CONDUCTORS do it with the orchestras
CONDUCTORS wave it up and down
CONFECTIONERS do it sweetly
CONGRESSMEN do it in the House
CONSTRUCTION WORKERS lay a better foundation
CONSULTANTS tell others how to do it
COOKS do it with grease and a lot of heat
COOKS do it with oil, sugar and salt
COPIER REPAIRMEN do it with duplicity
COPS do it arrestingly
COPS do it at gun-point
COPS do it by the book
COPS do it with cuffs
COPS do it with electric rods
COPS do it with nightsticks
COPS have bigger guns
COSMOLOGISTS do it with a Bang
COWBOYS handle anything horny
COWGIRLS like to ride bareback
COWS do it in leather
CRANE OPERATORS have swinging balls
CREDIT MANAGERS always collect
CROSS-WORD PLAYERS do it crossly
CROSSCOUNTRY RUNNERS do it in open fields
CRYONICISTS stay stiff longer
CRYPTOGRAPHERS do it secretly
CS111 STUDENTS do it in binary
CS111 STUDENTS do it with ORGs
CS111 STUDENTS do it with interspersed comments
CUB SCOUTS do it in packs
CUBANS do it with cigars
CUCKOOS do it by proxy
CURCUIT DESIGNERS do it with silicon
CURCUIT DESIGNES do it with wires
CYNICS do it critically
DAN QUAYLE does it in the dark
DAN QUAYLE would do it, if he could find anybody to do it with.
DANCERS do it in leaps and bounds
DANCERS do it on the floor
DANCERS do it to music
DANCERS do it with grace
DANCERS do it with pumps
DANCERS do it with their high heels on
DARK HORSES do it come-from-behind
DATA PROCESSORS do it in batches
DB PEOPLE do it with persistence
DEADBEATS do it without paying for it
DEADHEADS do it with Jerry
DEBATORS do it in their briefs
DEEJAYS can turn your dial
DEEP-SEA DIVERS do it under extreme pressure
DEER HUNTERS will do anything for a buck
DELIVERY MEN do it at the rear entrance
DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES do it and make you pay for it later
DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES do it until they can't remember
DEMOCRATS do it to rich people
DEMOLITIONS EXPERTS do it till they explode
DEMONSTRATERS do it on the street
DENTAL HYGENISTS do it till it hurts
DENTISTS do it in your mouth
DENTISTS do it orally
DENTISTS do it prophylactically
DENTISTS do it with drills and on chairs
DENTISTS do it with filling
DEPROGRAMMERS do it wid de computers
DEPROGRAMMERS do it with sects
DETECTIVES do it under cover
DIETICIANS eat better
DIGITAL HACKERS do it off and on
DIRECT MAILERS get it in the sack
DISCOVER (TM) gives you cash back
DISPATCHERS do it with frequency
DITCH DIGGERS do it in a damp hole
DITCH DIGGERS do it in the dirt
DIVERS always get it up before they stick it in {08}
DIVERS do it deeper
DIVERS do it for a score
DIVERS do it in rubber suits
DIVERS do it in three positions {08}
DIVERS do it underwater
DIVERS do it with a buddy
DIVERS do it with a twist
DIVERS go down alot
DJs do it on request
DJs do it on the air
DOCTORS do it in the OR
DOCTORS do it on call
DOCTORS do it with injection
DOCTORS do it with patience
DOCTORS do it with pills
DOCTORS prescribe it
DOCTORS take two aspirin and do it in the morning
DOMINOS does it in 30 minutes or less
DON'T do it with a BANKER; most of them are tellers
DONERS do it for life {09}
DOS PROGRAMMERS can do it in a box (OS/2 1.3)
DOS USERS do it with cryptic, old-fashioned commands -
- UNIX programmers just do it cryptically
DRAMA STUDENTS do it for applause
DRAMA STUDENTS do it with an audience
DREAMERS do it perfectly
DRIVERS do it with their cars
DRUG DEALERS avoid big busts
DRUGGISTS fill your prescription
DRUIDS do it in the bushes
DRUIDS do it naturally
DRUIDS do it with animals
DRUIDS leave no trace
DRUMMERS always have hard sticks
DRUMMERS beat it
DRUMMERS do it in 4/4 time
DRUMMERS do it longer
DRUMMERS do it louder
DRUMMERS do it with a better beat
DRUMMERS do it with both hands and feet
DRUMMERS do it with great rhythm
DRUMMERS do it with rhythm
DRUMMERS do it with their wrists
DRUMMERS have faster hands
DRUMMERS pound it
DRUNKS do it all over their shoes.
DRYCLEANERS do it in an hour
DRYWALLERS are better bangers
DUNGEON MASTERS do it any way they feel like
DUNGEON MASTERS do it anywhere they damn well please
DUNGEON MASTERS do it behind a screen
DUNGEON MASTERS do it in ways contrary to the laws of physics
DUNGEON MASTERS do it to you real good
DUNGEON MASTERS do it whether you like it or not
DUNGEON MASTERS do it with dice
DUNGEON MASTERS have better encounters
DYSLEXIC NURSES do it with hypodemic noodles
ECONOMISTS do it at bliss point
ECONOMISTS do it cyclically
ECONOMISTS do it in an Edgeworth Box
ECONOMISTS do it marginally
ECONOMISTS do it on demand
ECONOMISTS do it risk-free (in reference to the risk-free interest rate)
ECONOMISTS do it with a dual
ECONOMISTS do it with an atomistic competitor
ECONOMISTS do it with crystal balls
ECONOMISTS do it with interest
EDGAR ALLAN POE did it with the pit and the pendulum
EE CUMMINGS does it with ease
EGOTISTS do it better than anyone else
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS are shocked when they do it
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS do it on an impulse
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS do it with faster rise time
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS do it with large capacities
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS do it with less resistance
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS do it with more frequency and less resistance
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS do it with more power and at higher frequency
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS do it with super position
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS do it without shorts
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS resonate until it hertz
ELECTRICIAN undo your shorts for you
ELECTRICIANS are qualified to remove your shorts
ELECTRICIANS check your shorts
ELECTRICIANS do it in their shorts
ELECTRICIANS do it just to plug it in
ELECTRICIANS do it until it Hertz
ELECTRICIANS do it with 'no shorts'
ELECTRICIANS do it without shorts
ELECTRICIANS do it with spark
ELECTROCHEMISTS have greater potential
ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS do it in a solid-state
ELEPHANTS do it for peanuts
ELEVATOR men do it up and down
ELITISTS only do it with the best
ELVES do it in fairy rings
EMAILERS do it between headers
EMBALMERS do it with unnatural fluids
EMPLOYERS do it to employees
EMT's do it in ambulances
ENGINEERS are erectionist perfectionists
ENGINEERS can barely do it within tolerance
ENGINEERS charge by the hour
ENGINEERS do it any way they can
ENGINEERS do it at calculated angles
ENGINEERS do it in Mudd
ENGINEERS do it in practice
ENGINEERS do it in simple harmonic motion
ENGINEERS do it precisely
ENGINEERS do it roughly
ENGINEERS do it to a first order approximation
ENGINEERS do it until they exceed tolerances
ENGINEERS do it with a right-handed coordinate system {10}
ENGINEERS do it with less energy and greater efficiency
ENGINEERS do it with precision
ENGINEERS simply neglect it
ENGLISH MAJORS do it literally
ENGLISH MAJORS do it with an accent
ENGLISH MAJORS do it with books
ENGLISH MAJORS do it with style
ENTOMOLOGISTS do it with insects
ENTREPRENEURS do it with creativity and originality
ENTYMOLOGISTS do it with bugs
ENVIRONMENTALIST do it until it is green
EQUESTRIANS do it in leather
ESCAPEES do it on the lam
EUNUCHS do without it
EVANGALISTS do it with HIM watching
EXECUTIVES do it in briefs
EXECUTIVES do it in three piece suits
EXECUTIVES have large staffs
FACTOR ANALYSTS rotate their principal components
FAITH HEALERS do it with whatever they can lay their hands on
FALSETTOS do it two octaves higher
FANTASY ROLEPLAYERS do it all weekend
FANTASY ROLEPLAYERS do it in a dungeon
FANTASY ROLEPLAYERS do it in a group
FARMERS do it all over the countryside
FARMERS do it in the dirt
FARMERS do it on a corn field
FARMERS plant it deep
FARMERS spread it around
FARRIERS do it with a rasp
FEDERAL EXPRESS COURIERS will absolutely, positively do it overnight
FENCERS do it in a full lunge
FENCERS do it in the fleche {11}
FENCERS do it with a thrust
FENCERS do it with three feet of sword
FENCERS have good tip control
FERGIE does it to piss off Queen Elizabeth
FETUSES do it in-vitro
FIGHTER PILOTS do it at incredable speeds
FINANCE PROFESSORS don't do it at all; apparently
FIREMEN are always in heat
FIREMEN do it wearing rubber
FIREMEN do it with a big hose
FIREMEN do it with a lot of heat
FIREMEN find `em hot, and leave `em wet
FIREMEN have bigger hoses
FISHERMEN are proud of their rods
FISHERMEN do it for reel
FLAGPOLE SITTERS do it in the air
FLAUTISTS blow crosswise
FLYERS do it in the air
FLYERS do it on top, upside down, or rolling
FM DISC JOCKEYS do it in stereo and with high fidelity
FOOD SCIENTISTS do it in modified atmospheres
FOOD SCIENTISTS do it on the lab bench
FOOD SCIENTISTS do it qualitatively
FOOD SCIENTISTS do it scientifically
FOOD SCIENTISTS do it with food
FOOD SCIENTISTS do it with modified starches
FOOD SCIENTISTS do several trials
FOOTBALL PLAYERS are measured by the yard
FOOTBALL PLAYERS do it in pads
FOOTBALL PLAYERS do it offensively/defensively
FORESTERS do it in trees
FORGERS do it hot
FORMULA ONE RACERS come too fast and in laps
FORTH PROGRAMMERS do it from behind
FORTRAN PROGRAMMERS do it with double precision
FORTUNE TELLERS do it with crystal balls
FOUR-WHEELERS do it with better grip
FOUR-WHEELERS eat more bush
FRANK SINATRA does it his way
FRATERNITY MEN do it with their little sisters
FRENCH HORN *****- self-explanatory
FREUD found it everywhere
FRUIT FARMERS can do it with melons
FRUSTRATED HACKERS use self-modifying infinite perversion
FURRIERS appreciate good beaver
FUZZY THEORISTS both do it and don't do it
GAMBLERS do it on a hunch
GAMBLERS do it with a kidde (kitty)
GAME WARDENS do it with animal instinct
GAMERS do it by the rules
GARBAGEMEN come once a week
GARDENERS do it by trimming your bush
GARDENERS do it in bed
GARDENERS do it on the bushes
GARDENERS do it twice a year and then mulch it
GARDENERS have 50 foot hoses
GAYS do it better in the end
GENERALS have something to do with the stars
GENETISTS do it with sick genes
GEOGRAPHERS do it continentally
GEOGRAPHERS do it everywhere
GEOGRAPHERS do it globally
GEOLOGISTS are great explorers
GEOLOGISTS do it eruptively, with glow, and always smoke afterwards
GEOLOGISTS do it in folded beds
GEOLOGISTS do it to get their rocks off
GEOLOGISTS do it with rocks
GEOLOGISTS know how to make the bedrock
GEOMANCERS do it with numbers
GEOMETERS do it constructively
GEOPHYICISTS do it with frequency and intensity
GEORGE BUSH does it in a kinder, gentler way
GEORGE did it in the Bush
GEORGE did it with a Bush in hand
GERALD FORD does it on his face
GIRL SCOUTS do it with cookies
GNOMES are too short to do it
GNOMES do it with fishing rods (etc...)
GNOMES do it with mushrooms
GNU PROGRAMMERS do it for free and they don't give a damn about look & feel
GOLF PLAYERS always sink their putts
GOLFERS do it as a matter of course
GOLFERS do it in 18 holes
GOLFERS do it with clubs
GOLFERS get teed off
GOLFERS sometimes lose their balls when they do it
GRADUATES do it by degrees
GRAMMARIANS do it in conjunction
GRAMMARIANS do it with a dangling participle
GRAMMARIANS do it with clause
GRAMMARIANS do it with interjection
GRAMMARIANS do it with punctuation
GRAVE DIGGERS do it as a matter of corpse (pardon the pun)
GRAVE DIGGERS do it with shovels
GRAVEDIGGERS die to do it
GREEKS do it with their brothers and sisters
GREYHOUND DRIVERS do it with fewer stops
GUITAR PLAYERS do it with a G-string
GUITAR PLAYERS (LEFT HANDED) do it strung upside down
GUITAR PLAYERS fret about it
GUITAR PLAYERS had their licks
GUITAR PLAYERS have their pick
GUITARISTS strum it with their pick
GYMNASTS do it with grace
GYMNASTS mount and dismount well
GYMNASTS perform floor exercises
GYNEACOLOGISTS mostly sniff, watch and finger
HACKERS appreciate virtual dresses
HACKERS are I/O experts
HACKERS avoid deadly embrace
HACKERS discover the powers of two
HACKERS do it a little bit
HACKERS do it absolutely
HACKERS do it all night
HACKERS do it at link time
HACKERS do it attached
HACKERS do it automatically
HACKERS do it bottom up
HACKERS do it bug-free
HACKERS do it by the numbers
HACKERS do it concurrently
HACKERS do it conditionally
HACKERS do it detached
HACKERS do it digitally
HACKERS do it discretely
HACKERS do it during PM
HACKERS do it during downtime
HACKERS do it efficiently
HACKERS do it faster
HACKERS do it forever even when they're not supposed to
HACKERS do it globally
HACKERS do it graphically
HACKERS do it immediately
HACKERS do it in O(n log n)
HACKERS do it in a HRRI
HACKERS do it in batches
HACKERS do it in dumps
HACKERS do it in less space
HACKERS do it in libraries
HACKERS do it in loops
HACKERS do it in parallel
HACKERS do it in stacks
HACKERS do it in the microcode
HACKERS do it in the software
HACKERS do it in trees
HACKERS do it in two states
HACKERS do it indirectly
HACKERS do it interactively
HACKERS do it iteratively
HACKERS do it loaded
HACKERS do it locally
HACKERS do it randomly
HACKERS do it recursively
HACKERS do it reentrantly
HACKERS do it relocatably
HACKERS do it sequentially
HACKERS do it synchronously
HACKERS do it top down
HACKERS do it with DDT
HACKERS do it with all sorts of characters
HACKERS do it with bugs
HACKERS do it with computers
HACKERS do it with demons
HACKERS do it with editors
HACKERS do it with fewer instructions
HACKERS do it with high priority
HACKERS do it with insertion sorts
HACKERS do it with interrupts
HACKERS do it with key strokes
HACKERS do it with open windows
HACKERS do it with phantoms
HACKERS do it with quick sorts
HACKERS do it with recursive descent
HACKERS do it with side effects
HACKERS do it with simultaneous access
HACKERS do it with slaves
HACKERS do it with their fingers
HACKERS do it with words
HACKERS do it without a net
HACKERS do it without arguments
HACKERS do it without detaching
HACKERS do it without proof of termination
HACKERS do it without protection
HACKERS do it without you even knowing it
HACKERS don't do it -- they're hacking all the time
HACKERS get off on tight loops
HACKERS get overlaid
HACKERS have better software tools
HACKERS have faster access routines
HACKERS have good hardware
HACKERS have high bawd rates
HACKERS have high bod rates
HACKERS have it where it counts
HACKERS have response time
HACKERS know all the right MOVs
HACKERS know what to diddle
HACKERS make it quick
HACKERS multiply with stars
HACKERS penetrate further
HACKERS stay logged in longer
HACKERS stay up longer
HACKERS take big bytes
HAIR STYLISTS are shear pleasure
HAIRDRESSERS do it with curling irons
HAIRDRESSERS give the best blow jobs
HAM OPERATORS do it with a meat slicer (butchers)
HAM OPERATORS do it with frequency
HAM RADIO OPERATORS do it till their GigaHertz
HAM RADIO OPERATORS do it with higher frequency
HAM RADIO OPERATORS do it with more frequency
HANDYMEN PERFORM odd jobs around the house
HANDYMEN do it with their tools
HANDYMEN do it with whatever is available
HANDYMEN like good screws
HANDYMEN like to pound it in
HANG-GLIDERS do it in the air
HARDWARE HACKERS do it closely coupled
HARDWARE HACKERS do it electrically
HARDWARE HACKERS do it intermittently
HARDWARE HACKERS do it noisily
HARDWARE HACKERS do it on a bus
HARDWARE HACKERS do it over a wide temperature range
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with bus drivers
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with charge
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with connections
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with emitter-coupled logic
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with female banana plugs
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with male connectors
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with maximum ratings
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with power
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with resistance
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with transceivers
HARDWARE HACKERS do it with uncommon emitters into open collectors
HARDWARE HACKERS have faster rise times
HARDWARE HACKERS have sensitive probes
HARDWARE HACKERS like to finger the mainframe
HARDWARE buffs do it in nanoseconds
HARDWARE designers' performance is hardware dependant
HARPISTS do it by pulling strings
HAWAIIANS do it volcanicly
HEADQUARTERS controls it
HEADQUARTERS knows nothing about it
HEDGEHOGS do it cautiously
HEDGHOGS do it with a 1000 pricks
HEINZ does it with great relish
HEISENBURG probably did it
HELICOPTER PILOTS do it while hovering
HELICOPTER PILOTS do it with autorotation
HERC PILOTS deliver bigger loads
HERMITS do it alone
HEWLETT PACKARD does it with precision
HIKERS do it naturally
HISTORIANS do it for prosperity
HISTORIANS do it over long periods of time
HISTORIANS do it with dates
HISTORIANS study who did it
HOBBITS do it only if it isn't dangerous
HOCKEY PLAYERS do it in 90 minutes
HOCKEY PLAYERS do it on the ice
HOCKEY PLAYERS do it with a snap-shot
HOCKEY PLAYERS do it with long, curved sticks
HOCKEY PLAYERS do it with their sticks
HOCKEY PLAYERS do it; so what?
HOCKEY PLAYERS like to puck
HOCKEY PLAYERS spend two minutes in the box
HOCKEY PLAYERS use hard sticks
HOMEOPATHS do it in potency
HORN PLAYERS do it French style
HORSEBACK RIDERS do it in the stable
HORSEBACK RIDERS stay in the saddle longer
HOUDINI did it in a straitjacket
HOWARD STERN does it tastelessly
HUNTERS do it in the bush
HUNTERS do it with a bang
HUNTERS do it with a big gun
HUNTERS eat what they shoot
HUNTERS go deeper into the bush
HURDLERS do it every 10 meters
HYDROGEOLOGISTS do it till they're all wet
HYPERTRICHOLOGISTS do it with intensity
HYPNOTISTS do it beguilingly
HYPNOTISTS do it on the count of three
I just do it
I/O HACKERS do it without interrupt
I/O HACKERS have to condition their device first
ICHTHYOLOGISTS do it with fish
ILLUSIONISTS do it with smoke & mirrors
ILLUSIONISTS only look like they're doing it
IMELDA MARCOS does it with 3000 pairs of shoes
INDIVIDUALIST does it with himself
INDUCTORS dissipate after doing it
INDUCTORS do it without physical contact
INFANTRYMEN are ordered to do it
INFANTRYMEN do it in the trench
INFECTIOUS DISEASE RESEARCHERS do it with breeding and culture
INFORMATION THEORISTS analyze it with Wiener filters
INSURANCE SALESMEN are premium lovers
INTELLIGENCE knows nothing about it
INTERIOR DECORATORS do it all over the house
INTERPRETERS do it manually and orally
INTROVERTS do it alone
INVENTORS find a way to do it
INVESTMENT ANALYSTS do it with security
IRS does it everywhere
IRS does it to everyone
ITALIANS do it better {12}
ITERATORS do it, do it, do it, do it....
It is done by passivists (re-phrased in the passive voice)
JAMAICAN BOBSLEDDERS do it poorly, but they make movies about it anyway
JANITORS clean up afterwards
JANITORS do it with a plunger
JEDI KNIGHTS do it forcefully
JEFFREY DAHMER does it then eats it
JET SKIERS do it with more thrust
JEWELLERS mount real gems
JEWS worry about doing it
JOCKEYS do it at the gate
JOCKEYS do it on the horse-back
JOCKEYS do it with their horses
JOCKEYS do it with whips and saddles
JOGGERS do it on the run
JOURNALISTS do it daily
JOURNALISTS do it write
JUDGES do it in chambers
JUDGES do it with better rulings
JUDGES watch it and give scores
JUGGLERS do it in a flash
JUGGLERS do it with more balls
JUGGLERS do it with their balls in the air
JURORS do it at her majesties pleasure (UK)
JURORS hand down their verdict
KAYAKERS do it rapidly, then roll over and do it again
KEYBOARDISTS use all their fingers
KEYBOARDISTS use both their hands on one organ
KORFBALL PLAYERS do it with the other sex
LANDLORDS do it every month
LANDSCAPERS plant it deeper
LASER PRINTERS do it without making an impression
LAWYERS do it in their briefs
LAWYERS do it on a table
LAWYERS do it on a trial basis
LAWYERS do it to you
LAWYERS do it with appeal
LAWYERS do it with clause
LAWYERS do it with extensions in their briefs
LAWYERS do it, which is a great pity
LAWYERS lie about doing it and charge you for believing them
LAWYERS would do it but for 'hung jury'
LEFT HANDERS do it right
LIBRARIANS are novel lovers
LIBRARIANS check it out first
LIBRARIANS do it by the book
LIBRARIANS do it in multimedia
LIBRARIANS do it on the Reference Desk
LIBRARIANS do it on the shelfs / in stacks
LIBRARIANS do it online
LIBRARIANS do it quietly
LIBRARIANS do it with attribution
LIBRARIANS do it with pages (clerks)
LIBRARIANS do it with their computers
LIBRARIANS get it in catalogs
LIFEGUARDS carry aids.
LIFEGUARDS do it on the beach
LIFEGUARDS use slow, smooth hands
LIFEGUARDS use unique entries.
LINEMEN do it with big cables
LINEMEN pull their wires
LINGUISTS do it with their tongues
LIONS do it with pride
LISP (PROGRAMMERS (do (it (with (parentheses)))))
LISP HACKERS are thweet
LISP HACKERS do it in lambda functions
LISP HACKERS do it with rplacd
LISP PROGRAMMERS do it by recursion
LISP PROGRAMMERS do it without unexpected side effects
LISP PROGRAMMERS have to stop and collect garbage
LOADMASTER 'chute bigger loads
LOANS OFFICERS do it with security
LOCKSMITHS can get into anything
LOGIC PROGRAMMERS do it with unification/resolution
LOGICIANS do it consistently and completely
LOGICIANS do it or they do not do it
LOGOPEDICS do it with a tongue
LONG JUMPERS do it with a running start
LONG-DISTANCE RUNNERS do it on a predetermined route
LOTS HACKERS do it sloooooooowwwwwwwwllllllllyyyyyyyy
LOUISIANANS do it differently {13}
MAC PROGRAMMERS do it in windows
MAC USERS can only do it with menus
MAC USERS do it with mice
MAC USERS don't do it, they just point and click on the genital icon
MACHINE CODERS do it in bytes
MACHINE LANGUAGE programmers do it with a monitor
MACHINE LANGUAGE programmers poke it all in
MACHINISTS do it with hardened tools
MACHINISTS do it with precision & accuracy
MACHINISTS do it with screw drivers
MACHINISTS drill often
MACHINISTS make the best screws
MAGES do it with their familiars
MAGIC USERS do it with flare
MAGIC USERS do it with their hands
MAGIC USERS have crystal balls
MAGIC USERS have magic wands
MAGICIANS are quicker than the eye
MAGICIANS do it with mirrors
MAGICIANS do it with rabbits
MAGICIANS never tell how they do it
MAILMEN do it at the mail boxes
MAINTENANCE MEN sweep 'em off their feet
MALINGERERS do it as long as they can't get out of it
MANAGERS do it by delegation
MANAGERS have someone do it for them
MANAGERS make others do it
MANAGERS supervise others
MARATHON RUNNERS do it for hours
MARCHING BAND MEMBERS do it in patterns
MARCHING BAND MEMBERS do it on the field
MARCHING BAND MEMBERS do it with a leader
MARINES do it on land, sea or air
MARKETING REPs do it on comission
MARRIED PEOPLE do it with frozen access
MARTYRS die trying to do it
MASONS do it secretively
MASTURBATORS do it singlehandedly
MATCH MAKERS do it with singles
MATCH MAKERS do it with sticks
MATH MAJORS do it by example
MATH MAJORS do it by induction
MATH MAJORS do it with a pencil
MATHEMATICIANS do it as a finite sum of an infinite series
MATHEMATICIANS do it as continuous function
MATHEMATICIANS do it associatively
MATHEMATICIANS do it by the numbers
MATHEMATICIANS do it commutatively
MATHEMATICIANS do it constantly
MATHEMATICIANS do it continuously
MATHEMATICIANS do it discretely
MATHEMATICIANS do it exponentially
MATHEMATICIANS do it forever if they can do one and can do one more
MATHEMATICIANS do it functionally
MATHEMATICIANS do it homologically
MATHEMATICIANS do it in fields
MATHEMATICIANS do it in groups
MATHEMATICIANS do it in imaginary domain
MATHEMATICIANS do it in imaginary planes
MATHEMATICIANS do it in numbers
MATHEMATICIANS do it in theory
MATHEMATICIANS do it on smooth contours
MATHEMATICIANS do it over and under the curves
MATHEMATICIANS do it parallel and perpendicular
MATHEMATICIANS do it partially
MATHEMATICIANS do it rationally
MATHEMATICIANS do it reciprocally
MATHEMATICIANS do it reflexively
MATHEMATICIANS do it symmetrically
MATHEMATICIANS do it to prove themselves
MATHEMATICIANS do it to their limits
MATHEMATICIANS do it totally
MATHEMATICIANS do it transcendentally
MATHEMATICIANS do it transitively
MATHEMATICIANS do it variably
MATHEMATICIANS do it with Nobel's wife
MATHEMATICIANS do it with a Minkowski sausage
MATHEMATICIANS do it with imaginary parts
MATHEMATICIANS do it with linear pairs
MATHEMATICIANS do it with logs
MATHEMATICIANS do it with odd functions
MATHEMATICIANS do it with prime roots
MATHEMATICIANS do it with relations
MATHEMATICIANS do it with rings
MATHEMATICIANS do it with their real parts
MATHEMATICIANS do it without limit
MATHEMATICIANS do over an open unmeasurable interval
MATHEMATICIANS have to prove they did it
MATHEMATICIANS prove they did it
MATHEMATICIANS take it to the limit
MATHEMATICIANS work it out with a pencil
MBAs do it to learn
MDs only do it if you have appropriate insurance
MECHANICAL ENGINEERS do it automatically
MECHANICAL ENGINEERS do it with fluid dynamics
MECHANICAL ENGINEERS do it with stress and strain
MECHANICS do it from underneath
MECHANICS do it on their backs
MECHANICS do it with oils
MECHANICS do it with Snap on Tools
MECHANICS do it with their tools
MECHANICS have to jack it up and then do it
MED TECHS do it 24 hours a day
MED TECHS do it on the bench
MED TECHS do it with machines
MED TECHS do it whenever doctors tell them to
MEDIA PEOPLE invade your privacy
MEDICAL RESEARCHERS do it with a mice
MEDICAL RESEARCHERS make mice do it first
MEDICS do it in an orderly fashion
MEDIEVALISTS do it with fake, fluffy weapons
MERCHANTS do it to customers
MERMAIDS can't do it
METALLURGISTS are screw'n edge
METALLURGISTS do it in the street
METEOROLOGISTS do it at all levels
METEOROLOGISTS do it unpredictably
METEOROLOGISTS do it with forecasts
METHODISTS do it by numbers
MICE do it every day, but sometimes need their balls cleaned
MICHAEL JACKSON does it to his nose
MICROBIOLOGISTS do it with culture
MILITARY TRUCKERS do it bigger, faster and further
MILITARY TRUCKERS move bigger loads
MILITARY cooks eat it
MILK DRINKERS do a body good
MILKMEN deliver twice a week
MILLIONAIRES pay to have it done
MILTON BERLE does it in his BVDs
MIMES do it without a sound
MIMES don't do it; everyone hates a mime
MINERS do it deeper than divers
MINERS sink deeper shafts
MINISTERS do it on Sundays
MINISTERS do it vicariously
MISSILE ENGINEERS do it in stages
MISSILEMEN have better thrust
MOBIUS STRIPPERS never show you their back side
MODELS do it beautifully
MODELS do it in any position
MODELS do it with all kinds of fancy dresses on
MODEM MANUFACTURERS do it with all sorts of characters
MOLECULAR BIOLOGISTS do it with hot probes
MONKS do it by hand
MOONIES do it within sects
MORTICIANS do it gravely
MOTHERS do it with their children
MOTORCYCLISTS do it between cars
MOTORCYCLISTS do it in leather
MOTORCYCLISTS do it in sidecars
MOTORCYCLISTS do it two-up
MOTORCYCLISTS do it while leaning
MOTORCYCLISTS do it with spread legs
MOTORCYCLISTS like it with chains
MOTORCYCLISTS like something hot between their legs
MOTORCYCLISTS need a sidestand
MOTOXERS do it in the dirt
MOUNTAIN BIKERS do it on the handle bars
MOUNTAIN BIKERS do it over the handle bars
MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS do it on the rocks
MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS do it till they drop
MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS do it with ropes
MOVIE STARS do it on film
MUDDERS do it over the InterNet
MULTITASKERS do it everywhere: concurrently
MUSIC HACKERS do it at 3 am
MUSIC HACKERS do it audibly
MUSIC HACKERS do it in concert
MUSIC HACKERS do it in scores
MUSIC HACKERS do it with more movements
MUSIC HACKERS do it with their organs
MUSIC HACKERS want to do it in realtime
MUSIC MAJORS do it in a chord
MUSICIANS do it in the practice room
MUSICIANS do it on a higher scale
MUSICIANS do it rhythmically
MUSICIANS do it with rhythm
MUSICIANS know how to blow
MVS PROGRAMMERS would do it, if RACF would let them
NATIVE AMAZONIANS do it with poison tips down along narrow tubes -
- from an amazing distance
NATIVE AMERICANS do it with reservations
NAVIGATORS can show you the way
NECROPHILIACS do it cryptically
NECROPHILIACS do it until they are dead tired
NERDS do it in Rot13
NERDS do it with pocket protectors
NETWORK ENGINEERS do it under desks
NETWORK HACKERS know how to communicate
NETWORK MANAGERS do it in many places at once
NEW USERS do it after reading the helpfile
NEW USERS do it after receiving advice
NEW YORKERS do it in a jam
NEWSPAPER BOYS do it in front of every door
NIKE just does it
NIXON did it trickily
NON-SMOKERS do it without huffing and puffing
NOVICES do it with instructions
NUCLEAR ENGINEERS do it hotter than anything else
NUKES do it with more power
NUNS do it out of habit
NURSES call the shots
NURSES do it painless
NURSES do it with TLC
NURSES do it with care
NURSES do it with intensive care
NURSES have a good bedside manner
OARSMEN stroke till it hurts
OCEANOGRAPHERS do it down under
OCEANOGRAPHERS explore uncharted depths
OIL REFINERS do it crudely
OJ didn't do it {14}
OPERATIONS does it with precise execution
OPERATOR does it automatically
OPERATOR does it in the CTY
OPERATORS do it person-to-person
OPERATORS mount everything
OPERATORS push the right buttons
OPERATORS really know how to mount it
OPTIMISTS do it without a doubt
OPTOMETRISTS do it eyeball-to-eyeball, since they always see eye-to-eye
OPTOMETRISTS do it face-to-face
ORGANISTS do it with both hands and both feet
ORGANISTS pull out all the stops and do it with their feet
ORIENTEERS do it in the woods
ORIENTEERS would do it, if they knew where they were
ORTHODONTISTS do it with braces
ORTHOPEDISTS do it till it breaks
OS PEOPLE would do it if only they didn't 'deadlock'
OS/2 SMP USERS can do it with multiple engines
OS/2 USERS can do it in parallel
OS/2 USERS can do it in two places at the same time
OSHA INSPECTORS do it safely
OSTEOPATHS do it until you feel no pain
PACIFIC NORTHWEST hackers do it with n loggin' sorts
PACIFISTS do it non-violently
PADRES preach it
PAGANS do it naturally
PAGANS do it with Mother Earth
PAINTERS do it out in the field with brightly coloured sticky substances
PAINTERS do it with longer strokes
PALADINS do it good or not at all
PALADINS don't do it
PANTOMIMISTS do it silently
PAPARAZZI do it to the rich and famous {15}
PARAMEDICS can revive anything
PARATROOPERS do it by vertical insertion
PARTICLE PHYSICISTS do it energetically
PARTICLE PHYSICISTS to it with *charm*
PASCAL PROGRAMMERS do it for an educational experience
PASCAL USERS do it with runtime support
PATHOLOGISTS do it with corpses
PATIENTS do it in bed, sometimes with great pain
PAVLOV did it with drooling dogs
PEDIATRICIANS do it with children
PEDOPHILES do it on their knees
PESSIMISTS can't do it
PESSIMISTS do it with a sigh
PESSIMISTS do think they'll enjoy it
PHARMACISTS do it otc, prn, sec. art {16}
PHARMACISTS do it with drugs
PHARMACISTS do it with side effects
PHARMACISTS do it with a grinding motion {17}
PHARMACOLOGISTS do it by prescription
PHARMACOLOGISTS do it via the oral route
PHARMACOLOGISTS do it with affinity
PHILOSOPHERS do it for pure reasons
PHILOSOPHERS do it in their minds
PHILOSOPHERS do it with their minds
PHILOSOPHERS think about doing it
PHILOSOPHERS think they do it
PHILOSOPHERS wonder why they did it
PHONE OPERATORS let their fingers do the walking
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it at 68 degrees or not at all
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it fisheyed
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it in synch
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it in the dark
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it while exposing
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it with "Enlargers" {18}
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it with a flash
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it with a zoom
PHOTOGRAPHERS do it with their subjects
PHOTOTHERAPISTS do it with the lights on
PHYSICAL THERAPISTS do it until it hurts
PHYSICAL THERAPISTS work your muscles
PHYSICISTS do it a quantum at a time
PHYSICISTS do it at the speed of light
PHYSICISTS do it at two places in the universe at one time
PHYSICISTS do it attractively
PHYSICISTS do it energetically
PHYSICISTS do it in 4 dimensions
PHYSICISTS do it in black holes
PHYSICISTS do it in waves
PHYSICISTS do it like Einstein
PHYSICISTS do it magnetically
PHYSICISTS do it on accelerated frames
PHYSICISTS do it particularly
PHYSICISTS do it repulsively
PHYSICISTS do it strangely
PHYSICISTS do it with Charm
PHYSICISTS do it with Tensors
PHYSICISTS do it with black bodies
PHYSICISTS do it with charm
PHYSICISTS do it with frequency until it Hertz
PHYSICISTS do it with large expensive machinery
PHYSICISTS do it with rigid bodies
PHYSICISTS do it with the help of an absolute Bohr
PHYSICISTS do it with their vectors
PHYSICISTS do it with uniform harmonic motion
PHYSICISTS get a big bang
PHYSICS MAJORS do it at the speed of light
PIANO PLAYERS have faster fingers
PIANO STUDENTS learn on their teachers' instruments
PICASSO would have done it with square balls
PILOTS do it higher
PILOTS do it in the cockpit
PILOTS do it on the wing
PILOTS do it to get high
PILOTS do it with flare {19}
PILOTS keep it up longer
PILOTS stay up longer
PING-PONG PLAYERS always smash balls
PING-PONG PLAYERS do it with paddles
PIPEFITTERS do it snugly
PIRATES do it with stumps
PIZZA DELIVERY BOYS come in 30 minutes, or it's free
PLASMA PHYSICISTS do it with everything stripped off
PLASTERERS to it hard
PLAYERS do it in a team
PLUMBERS do it under the sink
PLUMBERS do it with plumber's friends
PLUS PROGRAMMERS cycle forever, until you make them exit
PODIATRISTS do it with someone else's feet
POKER PLAYERS do it with a full house
POKER PLAYERS do it with a royal flush
POKER PLAYERS do it with their own hand
POKER PLAYERS do it with two pair
POLAROID does it in one step
POLAROID does it in seconds
POLE VAULTERS do it with long flexible instruments
POLICEMEN come when you dial 911
POLICEMEN like big busts
POLICEMEN never cop out
POLITICIANS bicker about it
POLITICIANS do it for 4 years then have to get re-elected
POLITICIANS do it to everyone
POLITICIANS do it to make the headlines
POLITICIANS do it, but they stay in too long and make you pay for it afterwards
POLYMER CHEMISTS do it in chains
POOL PLAYERS do it in their pockets
POPES do it in the woods
POPEYE did it with Oyl
PORCUPINES do it ... very, very carefully
POST OFFICE WORKERS do it overnight, guaranteed for $8.90
POSTMEN are first class males
POSTMEN come slower
POSTMEN fill lots of boxes
PRESBYTERIANS do it decently and in order
PREVARICATORS do it with tall tales
PRINCE CHARLES does it in succession
PRINTERS do it with pins
PRINTERS do it with ribons
PRINTERS do it without wrinkling the sheets
PRINTERS reproduce the fastest
PRISONERS do it with balls and chains
PROBATE LAWYERS do it willingly
PROCRASTINATORS will do it tomorrow
PROCTOLOGISTS do it in the end
PROCTOLOGISTS do it with a finger up where the sun don't shine
PROFESSORS do it by the book
PROFESSORS do it from a grant
PROFESSORS do it with class
PROFESSORS don't do it; they leave it as an exercise for their students
PROFESSORS forget to do it
PROGRAMMERS 6502 it do their with bytes reversed
PROGRAMMERS cycle forever, until you make them exit
PROGRAMMERS do it all night
PROGRAMMERS do it bottom-up
PROGRAMMERS do it by pushing and popping
PROGRAMMERS do it in higher levels
PROGRAMMERS do it in loops
PROGRAMMERS do it in microseconds
PROGRAMMERS do it in software
PROGRAMMERS do it on command
PROGRAMMERS do it top down
PROGRAMMERS do it with bugs
PROGRAMMERS do it with disks
PROGRAMMERS give it a top down design
PROGRAMMERS have bigger disks
PROGRAMMERS peek before they poke
PROGRAMMERS repeat it until done
PROGRAMMERS will do it all night, but only if you are debugged
PROJECT MANAGERS do it on schedule
PROLOG PROGRAMMERS are a cut above the rest
PROLOG PROGRAMMERS do it arse about face (logic in prolog is back to front)
PROSTITUTES do it at illegal addresses
PROSTITUTES do it for profit
PROTESTANTS do it unwillingly
PSYCHIATRISTS do it for at least fifty dollars per session
PSYCHIATRISTS do it on the couch
PSYCHOLOGISTS do it with rats
PSYCHOLOGISTS think they do it
PUBLIC SPEAKERS do it on a soap box
PUBLIC SPEAKERS do it orally
PURE MATHEMATICIANS do it rigorously
PYROTECHNICIANS do it with flare
PYROTECHNICIANS experts do it with a blinding flash
QUAKERS do it as the spirit moves them {20}
QUAKERS do it quietly
QUALITATIVE RESEARCHERS know what they're looking for {21}
QUANTUM MECHANICS do it in leaps
QUANTUM THEORISTS are uncertain whether they do it or not -
- but statistically it is possible
RACERS do it with their horses
RACERS like to come in first
RACQUETBALL PLAYERS do it off the wall
RADAR ENGINEERS do it till their GHz (giga-hertz)
RADIO AMATEURS do it with more frequency
RADIO AMATEURS do it with two meters {22}
RADIO ANNOUNCERS can turn your dial
RADIO ENGINEERS do it till it MegaHertz
RADIO ENGINEERS do it with frequency
RADIO and TV ANNOUNCERS broadcast it
RADIOCASTERS do it in the air
RADIOLOGISTS do it with high frequency
RAFTERS do it rapidly
RAFTERS do it with long, hard strokes
RAILROADERS do it on track
RALLY DRIVERS do it sideways
RANGERS do it in the woods
RAPPERS pump it up
RAQUETBALL PLAYERS do it with blue balls
RAY TRACERS do it on any available platform {23}
REAL ESTATE PEOPLE know all the prime spots
RECEPTIONISTS do it all day at their desks
RECEPTIONISTS do it for anyone
RECEPTIONISTS do it on the phone
RECEPTIONISTS do it with men AND women
RECEPTIONISTS do it with the general public
RECURSIVE PROGRAMMERS do it over and over and over.....
RECYCLERS do it again and again and again
REFERENCE LIBRARIANS know where to find it FAST
REPELLERS do it with ropes
REPORTERS do it daily
REPORTERS do it for a story
REPORTERS do it for the sensation it causes
REPORTERS do it infront of a camera
REPUBLICANS do as their lobbyists tell them to
REPUBLICANS do it to poor people
RESEARCH PROFESSORS do it only if they get grants
RESEARCHERS are sill trying to confirm that they are doing it
RESEARCHERS are still looking for it
RESEARCHERS do it with control
RETAILERS move their merchandise
RISC ASSEMBLY PROGRAMMERS do it 1073741824 times a second
ROBOTS do it mechanically
ROCKET SCIENTISTS do it with higher thrust
ROCKET SCIENTISTS do it with thrust
ROCKY does it in a ring
ROCKY does it with Bullwinkle
ROCKY does it with big black men
ROLLER-SKATERS like to roll around
ROLLING STONES MAGAZINE does it where they rock
RONALD REAGAN does it for the Gipper
RONALD REAGAN fell asleep while doing it
RONALD REAGAN forgot how to do it
ROOFERS do it on top
ROOSTERS do it coquettishly
ROSEANNE ARNOLD does it while singing the National Anthem
ROSS PEROT does it - it's just that simple
ROWERS do it with a fast drive
ROWERS do it with a long stroke
ROYAL GUARDS do it in uniforms
RUBBISH COLLECTORS do it by emptying their sacks
RUGBY PLAYERS do it with leather balls
RUGBY PLAYERS do it with odd shaped balls
RUGBY PLAYERS do it with their hookers
RUNNERS do it with vigor
RUNNERS get into more pants
SAIL HACKERS do it with [control]
SAIL HACKERS follow the procedure
SAIL HACKERS have high service levels
SAILORS are best on the sheets
SAILORS do it ad nauseam
SAILORS do it after cruising the seven seas
SAILORS get blown off shore
SAILORS like to be blown
SALESPEOPLE have a way with their tongues
SALESPEOPLE push harder
SALESPEOPLE use high-pressure techniques
SANTA CLAUS does it at the North Pole
SANTA CLAUS does it down the chimney
SANTA CLAUS does it in your stockings
SANTA CLAUS does it once a year
SANTA CLAUS does it with elves
SAX PLAYERS are horny
SAX PLAYERS do it in groups
SAXOPHONISTS have curved ones
SCEPTICS doubt it can be done
SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS do it with frequent stops
SCIENTISTS discovered it
SCIENTISTS do it experimentally
SCIENTISTS do it with plenty of research
SCOTSMEN do it with amazing grace
SCOTSMEN do it with the sporans
SCOTSMEN just do it
SCUBA DIVERS do it deeper
SCUBA DIVERS do it with a buddy
SCULPTORS beat at it until bits fall off
SCULPTORS do it with clay
SECOND FIDDLES do it vilely
SECRETARIES do it for their bosses
SECRETARIES do it from 9 to 5
SEISMOLOGISTS do it when the earth shakes
SEISMOLOGISTS make the earth move
SEMANTICISTS do it with meaning
SENATORS do it on the floor
SERGEANTS do it privately
SET THEORISTS do it with cardinals
SET THERISTS do it in groups
SHAKESPEAREAN SCHOLARS do it, or don't do it, that is the question
SHAREWARE PROGRAMMERS let you try it for free
SHEEP do it when led astray
SHEEP do it with Kiwis (NZ has a reputation for that sort of thing)
SHUBERT didn't finish it
SHIPPERS do it overnight
SIGNALLERS do it with frequency til it Hertz
SIMULATION HACKERS do it with models
SIMULATORS do it continously & discretely
SINGERS do it with microphones
SKATERS do it on ice
SKEET SHOOTERS do it 25 times in 9 different positions
SKELETONS do it with a bone
SKIERS do it spread eagled
SKIERS do it with poles
SKIERS go down fast
SKUNKS do it instinctively
SKYDIVERS are good till the last drop
SKYDIVERS do it at great heights
SKYDIVERS do it in the air
SKYDIVERS do it sequentially {24}
SKYDIVERS do it spread-eagle
SKYDIVERS go down faster
SKYDIVERS go in harder {25}
SKYDIVERS never do it without a chute
SLAVES are masters at it
SLAVES do it for the maters
SMALL BOAT SAILORS do it by pumping, rocking, and ooching
SNAKES do it in the grass
SNIPERS do it with a single shot
SNOBS do it better than you
SOAP MANUFACTURERS do it with Safeguard
SOAP MANUFACTURERS do it with lava
SOCCER PLAYERS do it for 90 minutes" -the length of a soccer game
SOCCER PLAYERS do it for kicks
SOCCER PLAYERS do it in 90 minutes
SOCCER PLAYERS have better ball control
SOCCER PLAYERS have leather balls
SOCIOLOGISTS do it with class
SOCIOLOGISTS do it with standard deviations
SOCIOLOGY MAJORS do it with a conscience
SOFTWARE DESIGNERS do it over and over until they get it right
SOFTWARE DESIGNERS do it with system
SOFTWARE TESTERS do it over and over again
SOLAR ASTRONOMERS can't do it where the sun don't shine
SOLAR ASTRONOMERS do it with flare
SOLDIERS do it in a uniform fashion
SOLDIERS do it in an orderly fashion
SOLDIERS do it on command
SOLDIERS do it standing erect
SOLDIERS do it with a machine gun
SOLDIERS do shoot it
SOLDIERS parade it
SONARMEN do it aurally
SOPRANOS do it in unison
SPARROWS do it for a lark {26}
SPEAKERS do it with pointers
SPEAKING CLOCKS do it on the third stroke
SPECTROSCOPISTS do it until it hertz
SPECTROSCOPISTS do it with frequency and intensity
SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS are oral specialists
SPELEOLOGISTS make a science of going deeper
SPELLCASTERS do it with their rods/staves/wands
SPELUNKERS do it in narrow dark places
SPELUNKERS do it in the hole
SPELUNKERS do it underground
SPELUNKERS do it while wearing heavy rubber protective devices
SPIES do it under cover
SPORTSCASTERS like an instant replay
SPRINTERS do it after years of conditioning
SPRINTERS do it in less than 10 seconds
SQL PROGRAMMERS do it with relatives (Relational dabasess)
SQUIRTISTS do it with mystery moves
ST MATTHEW did it passionately
STAGE HANDS do it behind the scenes
STAGE HANDS do it for every scene
STAGE HANDS do it in the dark
STAGE HANDS do it on cue
STAGE HANDS do it on the fly
STAMP COLLECTORS do it in sets
STAND-UP COMICS do it standing up
STATISTICIANS do it continuously but discretely
STATISTICIANS do it when it counts
STATISTICIANS do it with 95% confidence
STATISTICIANS do it with large numbers
STATISTICIANS do it with only a 5% chance of being rejected
STATISTICIANS do it with standard deviations
STATISTICIANS do it with two-tail T tests
STATISTICIANS do it; after all, it's only normal
STATISTICIANS probably do it
STEAM ENGINES pull trains
STEWARDESSES do it in the air
STRAGGLERS do it in the rear
STUDENTS are graded for their performance
STUDENTS do it as exercises
STUDENTS do it on a guaranteed loan
STUDENTS do it with their students
STUDENTS use their heads
SUBMARINERS do it deeper
SUBMARINERS use their torpedoes
SUPERCOMPUTER USERS do it in parallel
SURFERS do it in the tube. {27}
SURFERS do it in waves
SURFERS do it standing up
SURFERS do it with their wives, or, if unmarried, with their girl friends
SURGEONS GENERAL do it with their hand grippers
SURGEONS are smooth operators
SURGEONS do it incisively
SWASHBUCKLERS do it with three feet of steel
SWIMMERS do it in the water
SWIMMERS do it under water
SWIMMERS do it with a breast stroke
SWIMMERS do it with better strokes
SYSOPS do it with their computers
SYSTEM HACKERS are always ready
SYSTEM HACKERS get it up quicker
SYSTEM HACKERS keep it up longer
SYSTEM HACKERS know where to poke
SYSTEM HACKERS swap on demand
SYSTEM MANAGERS do it with pencils
SYSTEMS PROGRAMMERS keep it up longer
SYSTEMS go down on their hackers
SYSTEMS have black boxes
Some PRINTERS blow bubbles while they're doing it
Some PRINTERS do it quietly
Some PRINTERS do it with lazers
TAILORS come with no strings attached
TAILORS make it fit
TANKERS do it but leave tracks
TANKERS do it with armour
TANKERS do it with protection
TAP DANCERS do it with their feet
TAXI CAB DRIVERS come faster
TAXI DRIVERS do it all over town
TAXIDERMISTS mount anything
TEACHERS do it 50 times after class
TEACHERS do it every period
TEACHERS do it infront of everyone
TEACHERS do it repeatedly
TEACHERS do it smartly
TEACHERS do it with class
TEACHERS do it with instruction
TEACHERS make _you_ do it till you get it right
TECHIES do it in the blackout (with power tools) {28}
TECHNICIANS do it with frequency
TECHNICIANS do it with greater frequency
TECHNICIANS do it with high voltage probes
TECHNICIANS do it with mechanical assistance
TECHNICIANS test it first
TEDDY BEARS do it at picknicks
TEDDY BEARS do it with small children
TEDDY ROOSEVELT did it softly, but with a big stick
TELEMARKETERS do it over, and over, and over .........
TELEMARKETERS never stop doing it
TELEPHONE CO EMPLOYEES let their fingers do the walking
TELLERS can handle all deposits and withdrawals
TENNIS PLAYERS cannot play with balls all day long {29}
TENNIS PLAYERS do it in sets
TENNIS PLAYERS do it in their shorts
TENNIS PLAYERS do it with Love! (refers to the scoring system Love-15-30-40)
TENNIS PLAYERS do it with balls
TENNIS PLAYERS (or jugglers) do it with colored balls
TENNIS PLAYERS have fuzzy balls
TEST MAKERS do it sometimes/always/never
TESTATORS do it willingly
TESTERS do it over and over
"TeX users do it in {groups}"
TEXANS do it with oil
THE AIR FORCE does it and aims high
THE AIR FORCE does it... ...after coffee
THE AIR FORCE, aims high, shoots low
THE AIRBORNE 'chute their loads
THE AIRBORNE does it from above
THE ARMY does it more before breakfast than most people do all day
THE ARMY does it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
THE ARMY does it being all that they can be
THE ARMY does it with brute force
THE ARTILLERY does it with 155mm guns
THE ARTILLERY shoots bigger loads
THE BLIND do it with feeling
THE CAVALERY does it with charge
THE DEAF do it with a sign
THE ENERGIZER BUNNY does it and keeps going and going, and going, and going
THE FBI does it under cover
THE INFANTRY does it cam'ed
THE INFANTRY does it in fox-holes
THE INFANTRY does it on the attack
THE NAVY does it in waves
THEATER MAJORS do it with an audience
THEATER TECHIES do it in the dark, on cue
THEORETICAL ASTRONOMERS only *think* about it
THEORETICIANS do it conceptually
THEORETICIANS do it with a proof {30}
THIEVES do it in leather
THIEVES do it when you're not looking
THIEVES do it with tools
TONYA HARDING does it with a baton
TOPOLOGISTS do in on rubber sheets
TRAINEES do it as practice
TRAMPOLINE ACROBATS do it in the air
TRAMPOLINE ACROBATS do it over a net
TRAMPOLINE ACROBATS do it swinging from bars
TRAMPOLINE ACROBATS do it under the big top
TRANSPORT supports it
TRANSSEXUALS do it right eventually
TRANSVESTITES do it dressed
TREE MEN do it in more crotches than anyone else
TRIBIOLOGICAL ENGINEERS do it by using lubricants
TROMBONE PLAYERS are constantly sliding it in and out
TROMBONE PLAYERS do it in 7 positions
TROMBONE PLAYERS do it with slide action finger control
TROMBONE PLAYERS do it with slide oil
TROMBONE PLAYERS do it with their "F" attachment
TROMBONE PLAYERS have something that's always long and hard
TROMBONE PLAYERS slide it in and out
TROMBONE PLAYERS use more positions
TRUCK DRIVERS carry bigger loads
TRUCK DRIVERS do it on the road
TRUCK DRIVERS have bigger dipsticks
TRUCKERS carry bigger loads
TRUCKERS have moving experiences
TRUMP does it with cash
TRUMPET PLAYERS blow the best
TRUMPET PLAYERS can't do it!
TRUMPET PLAYERS do it with tighter lips
TUBA PLAYERS do it deeper
TUBA PLAYERS do it with big horns
TUBA PLAYERS have the biggest instruments
TUBA PLAYERS usually do it on one and three
TV EVANGALISTS do more than lay people
TV REPAIRMEN do it with a vertical hold
TV REPAIRMEN do it with their tubes
TWO METER OPERATORS do it with very high frequency
TYPESETTERS do it between periods
TYPISTS do it in triplicate
TYPOGRAPHERS do it to the letter {31}
TYPOGRAPHERS do it with tight kerning
ULTIMATE PLAYERS do it horizontally
UNDERTAKERS do it with corpses
UNION EMPLOYEES do it with a quick strike
UNION WORKERS do it with solidarity
UNIX HACKERS go down all the time
UNIX don't do it
UNIX PROGRAMMERS do it in the background
UNIX PROGRAMMERS do it with (k)orn
UNIX PROGRAMMERS do it with (c)-shells
UNIX PROGRAMMERS do it with forks
UPS EMPLOYEES do it overnight
UROLOGISTS do it in a bottle
USENET FREAKS do it with hard drives
USENET NEWS FREAKS do it with many groups at once
USHERS do it in the dark
USHERS show you the way
USURERS do it with high interests
VACATIONERS do it in a leisure way
VAGRANTS do it everywhere
VALUERS really know the price
VANGUARD do it ahead of everyone else
VEGETARIANS don't do it with meat
VENDORS try hard to sell it
VERIFIERS check on it
VERSIFIERS write poems for it
VETERANS have much more experience than the fresh-handed
VETERINARIANS are pussy lovers
VETERINARIANS do it with animals
VETERINARIANS do it with sick animals
VICARS do it in church
VICARS do it with amazing grace
VICARS substitute others to
VICE PRINCIPALS do it with discipline
VICTIMS are those who got it
VICTORS know how hard to win it
VIEWERS do it with eyes
VIGILANTES take it into their own hands
VILIFIERS say others don't do it well
VILLAGERS do it provincially
VIOLINISTS do it gently
VIOLINISTS do it with bows and strings
VIOLINISTS prefer odd positions
VIRGINS do it only once in their whole lifetime
VIRGINS don't do it yet
VIRGINS use it and lose it
VIRTUOSI appreciate it
VISA, its everywhere you want to be
VISITORS come and see it
VM PROGRAMMERS do it virtually all the time
VM PROGRAMMERS do it virtualy all the time
VM SYSTEMS PROGRAMMERS do it three levels deep
VM SYSTEMS PROGRAMMERS do it with emulated devices
VOCALISTS are good in their mouths
VOLCANOLOGISTS erupt with a bang
VOLCANOLOGISTS know how violent it can be
VOLES dick through it
VOLUNTEERS do it in their spare time
VOLUNTEERS do it willingly
VOTARISTS decide to contribute themself
VOTERS will decide who can do it
VOYAGERS do it in between the sea and the sky
VOYEURS like what they see
VULCANS do it logically
WAITERS and WAITRESSES do it for tips
WAITRESSES do it with chopsticks
WAITRESSES serve it piping hot
WATER SKIERS come down harder
WATER SKIERS do it with cuts
WEATHERMEN do it with crystal balls
WEATHERMEN do it with storm
WELDERS do it hotter with penetration
WELDERS do it with hot rods
WELDERS fill all cracks
WELDERS heat it up before it cuts
WELFARE RECIPIENTS do it while everyone else pays for it
WELL DIGGERS do it in a hole
WESLEY saves it and saves it and saves it (yawn) STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION
WINDSURFERS do it standing up
WINDOWS PROGRAMERS do it interface
WINDOWS USERS do it with mice
WINDOZE NT PROGRAMMERS still can't do it
WITCHES do it magickally
WITCHES do it Skyclad
WIZZO'S do it with jamming {32}
WIZZO'S jam it faster, deeper, and more pwerfully
WOODWIND PLAYERS have better tonguing
WORF will fight you for it. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION
WRESTLERS do it on mats
WRESTLERS know the best holds
WRESTLERS try not to do it on their backs
WRITERS have novel ways
WW I GIs did it over there
X PROGRAMMERS do it with clients and servers
X-RAY ASTRONOMERS do it with with high energy
X-RAY TECHNICIANS see right through you
XEROX does it again and again and again and again
ZEN BUDDHISTS do it because they don't want to do it because they want to do it
ZIPPERMAKERS do it on the fly
ZIPPY does it on his lunch break
ZOOLOGISTS do it with animals
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