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Politically Correct Terms even the Politically Corrent Don't Know About

aesthetically challenged - ugly
amphibian American - frog
aquatically challenged - drowning
biologically challenged - dead
bovine control officers - Dallas Cowboys
Caucasian Culturally-Disadvantaged - white trash
certified astrological consultant - crackpot
certified crystal therapist - crackpot
certified past-life regression hypnotist - crackpot
chronologically gifted - old
client of the correctional system - prisoner
co-dependent - finger-pointer
constructivist feminist psychotherapy - psychobabble
creatively re-dyed - stained
cyclically challenged - having PMS
differently organized - messy
differently-brained - stupid
economically disadvantaged - welfare bum
economically marginalized - poor
energy-efficient - off
environmentally correct human - dead
equal opportunity employee - bisexual hooker
erectionally challenged - impotent
facially challenged - ugly
factually unencumbered - ignorant
fecally plenary - full of crap
female gender biased - prefers women who shave their legs
financially inept - po'
folically independent - bald
follower of Jimmy Swaggert - lost
genetically discriminating - racist
geological correction - earthquake
government employee - stupid
grammatically challenged - one who has difficulties with grammar or (by extension) punctuation or spelling
gravitationally challenged - fat
horizontally challenged - thin
horizontally gifted - fat
in denial - unaware that forgetting something obviously proves it happened
in recovery - drunk/junkie
intellectually impaired - stupid
living impaired - dead
maintenance hole - man-hole
male gender biased - prefers men who shave their chests
mechanically challenged - broken down automobile
melanin-impoverished - white
metabolically challenged - dead
microslothically Challenged - Windows user
monetarily challenged - poor
morally (ethically) challenged - a crook
morally handicapped - someone who has no other reason to park in a handicapped zone
motivationally dispossessed - lazy
musically delayed - tone deaf
nasally disadvantaged - really BIG nose
nasally gifted - runny nose
nasally gifted - large nose
nitpicklike - humour challenged
one who is PC - target practice
ontologically challenged - fictional or mythological
osmotically challenged - Thirsty
other aged - too old/young (dual purpose)
outdoor urban dwellers - homeless
people of height - too tall
person of region - redneck
person of substance - fat
persons living with entropy - dead
persons of large stature - NY Giants
petroleum transfer technician - gas station attendant
racially challenged - butt-white American
residentially flexible - homeless
rhythmically challenged - white boy
romantically challenged - not with somebody at the moment
rustically inclined - redneck
sanitation engineer - garbage man
sex care provider - prostitute
sexually focused chronologically gifted individual - dirty old man
socially challenged - geek, nerd, whatever...
spacially perplexed - drunk
street activity index - crime rate
suffering from a sex addiction (female) - slut
suffering from a sex addiction (male) - stud
target equity group - vocal minority
the absolute root of all evil known in the multidimensional infinity of reality - white male
uniquely coordinated - clumsy
uniquely fortuned individual on an alternative career path - loser
verbally challenged - mute, dumb
vertically challenged - short
visually challenged - blind
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