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Parking Lot Rules

Rule 1 - When waiting for a parking spot, stop in the middle of theroad, don't signal, and orient your car diagonally to prevent others from passing.

Rule 2 - Always park on the lines, taking up as many spots as possible.Diagonal parking is preferred.

Rule 3 - In a crowded parking lot, if you find a spot and have the opportunity to pull through to an adjacent one, drive up half way and stop on the line, taking both.

Rule 4 - As you pull into a spot, if you see that the space ahead of youis empty and you see another driver signalling to take it, pull though and take it from him.

Rule 5 - Always park close enough to the adjacent car so that the otherdriver must grease up with Vaseline to squeeze into his/her car.

Rule 6 - When getting out of your car, hit the adjacent vehicle with your door ... really hard.

Rule 7 - When driving through the parking lot, ignore the painted lanes and drive diagonally from one end to another at a high rate of speed.

Rule 8 - When stopped in front of a store and waiting for a friend/relative to make a purchase, make sure that you are stopped in the middle of the road. The same rules applies to picking-up and discharging passengers.

Rule 9 - When a vehicle from the opposite direction is signalling and waiting for a parking space, position your car so that you are in his way and letthe car behind you take it.

Rule 10 - If you have Handicap license plates, use up a regular parking spot.

Rule 11 - If you hit the adjacent car with your door and leave a dent, wait for a car, which is painted the same color as yours, to drive down the aisle looking for a place to park. Then back out, giving up your spot like "Mr. Good Guy" and park somewhere else.

Rule 12 - If the vehicle in front of you stops to let a pedestrian cross or another vehicle turn, pull into the lane of opposite traffic and attempt to pass him.

Rule 13 - Deleted ... for those who are superstitious.

Rule 14 - When exiting a shopping center into a busy road, exit through the narrow "ENTER ONLY" driveway, stick the nose of the car into traffic, and wait.

Rule 15 - When driving through a parking lot with alternating one-way aisles and angled parking spots, drive the wrong way. Then when you see a parking space, take 20 minutes to do a 12-point turn to pull into it.

Rule 16 - Always leave your shopping cart behind or tightly between parked vehicles.

Rule 17 - Empty your ashtrays on the ground in shopping center parking lots. While you're at it, dump out all the garbage, too, including that Wendy’s or McDonald's bag sitting in the back seat from last week's breakfast.

Rule 18 - If you are forced to change an infant's diaper in a parking lot, leave the soiled diaper under the car next to you.

Rule 19 - When another vehicle is waiting for you to pull out of a spot in a crowded parking lot, take your time. Adjust the mirrors, your seat, and the radio. Roll down your window, light a cigarette, and eat your lunch. Feel free to go through your shopping bags and look at what you just bought.

Rule 20 - When pulling into a parking spot, if there is a shopping cart in the way, lightly tap it with your bumper and send it rolling into an adjacent car. Then, when you step out, if the cart is still too close, push it down the parking lot aisle and let it go. While the cart is flying solo, turnaround and walk toward the stores.

Rule 21 - When walking back to your car in a busy shopping center, gesture to other drivers waiting for a spot to make them think that you are getting in the car and leaving. Then walk between the cars to the next aisle and do it again.

Rule 22 - When holiday shopping at the mall, which requires you to load your bags into the car and go back in to do more shopping, do NOT tell the driver who is sitting patiently watching you load your car and signalling for your spot.

Rule 23 - When walking back to your car, if you notice other shoppers walking past your car to get to theirs, press the buttons on your key chain remote so that your car's alarm makes a sudden loud "BLOOP BLEEP" that scares the shit out of them.

Rule 24 - If you don't see a speed limit sign posted in the malls parking lot, there isn't any!

Rule 25 - If you back into a parked car, and the driver isn't with it, take out a piece of paper and start writing. This is especially effective if there are 15-20 witnesses. On a piece of paper write, "There were ___ witnesses when I hit your car. They think I'm writing my name address, phone number, insurance information, etc., on this paper ... but I'm not!"
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