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Waste some time
Have a donut and some coffee
While you are supposed to be working

Kee Wee Lun Gwidge

After years of trying and failing to understand what they're saying, following these easy steps, you can finally hold a conversation with a New Zealander.

A medgen
Visualise, conjure up mentally, John Lennon's first solo album, 'Imagine' was a 'bug hut' in NZ.

'Betting gloves' are worn by 'betsmen' in 'crucket'

Part of human anatomy between 'nick' and 'billy'

As in 'mine's bugger than yours'

Chully Bun
As in Esky

Come Youse
Controversial captain of Oz cricket team who resigned tearfully in favour of Allan Border. 'Come' had insisted that all deliveries be overarm. Full name - Kimberly John Hughes

Dimmer Kretz
Those who believe in democracy

Error buck
Language spoken in countries like 'Surria', 'E. Jupp' and 'Libbernon'.

Phar Lap
NZ's famous horse was christened 'Phillip' but was incorrectly written down as 'Phar Lap' by an Australian racing official who was not well versed in Kiwese.
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