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Fuck: A most versatile word

By its stress and inflection it can describe many emotions; no other word can be used with so many grammatical nuances.
It can be used as a noun
(I don't give a fuck).
It can be used an adjective
(It's a fucking beauty).
It can be used as a verb in its transitive form
(The game was fucked by the weather).
It can be used as a verb in its intransitive form
(He well and truly fucked up).
It can be used in the present tense
(I am fucked).
It can be used in the past tense
(I was fucked).
It can be used in the future tense
(Well, I'll be fucked).

The word has been used by some very notable people throughout history, the most well known being

What the fuck was that? - The Mayor of Hiroshima

Look at all those fucking Indians! - General Custer

Where the fuck is all that water coming from? - Captain of the Titanic

That's not a real fucking gun - John Lennon

Who's going to fucking know? - Richard Nixon

Heads are going to fucking roll! - Anne Boleyn

The fucking throttle's stuck! - Donald Campbell

I thought I could smell fucking petrol! - Nikki Lauda

What fucking map? - Mark Thatcher

Any fucker can understand that! - Einstein

It does fucking look like her! - Picasso

What the fuck do you mean, I'm forever blowing bubbles? - Michael Jackson

How the fuck do you work that out? - Pythagoras

You want what on the fucking ceiling? - Michaelangelo

Fuck-a-duck! - Walt Disney

Why? Because it's fucking there, that's why! - Sir Edmund Hilary

I didn't want to fucking go anyway! - Sebastian Coe

I don't suppose it's fucking raining? - Joan of Arc

Scattered showers, my fucking arse! - Noah
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