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Waste some time
Have a donut and some coffee
While you are supposed to be working

Courses for Men

You can fall asleep without ‘It’ if you really try Attainable goal: Omitting foul expletives from your vocabulary
The morning dilemma: If ‘It’ is awake - take a cold shower
You cannot always wear whatever you damn well please
Changing your underwear - It really works
Clothes: the wrinkle blind spot
Combating Stupidity
Cooking beyond the microwave
Eyeball control in public
Fluffing the blankets after farting is NOT necessary
Garbage - Getting it to the kerb.
Get a Life - Learn how to cook
Give me a break: Why we know your excuses are often bullshit
Helpful postural hints for couch potatoes.
Honest, you don't look like Mel Gibson especially when naked.
Household waste: Getting it to the street
How not to act like an arsehole when you're obviously wrong.
How not to act like an cretin when you are obviously wrong
How not to act younger than your children
How to fill an ice tray
How to go shopping with your mate and not get lost
How to not act younger than your children.
How to put down a toilet lid (formerly titled: ‘No, it's not a bidet’)
How to stay awake after sex
How to tolerate bras and pantyhose hanging in the bathroom
Male bonding: Leaving your friends at home
Mother-in-laws are people too
Parenting roles beyond initial conception
PMS: Learn when to keep your mouth shut
Real men ask for directions.
Romanticism: Ideas beyond sex
Seeing the true you (formerly titled: ‘No, you don't look like Mel Gibson, especially when naked!’)
Shopping: The great stress reliever
Spelling - Even you can get it right.
Techniques for calling home
The ancient art of simple laundry folding
The attainable goal - Omitting FUCK from your vocabulary.
The empty toilet roll and you
The fridge: not a penicillin laboratory.
The living world: Cars are not people
The morning dilemma. If it's awake take a shower.
The remote control - Overcoming your dependency.
The weekend and sport are not synonymous.
Understanding the female response to coming home drunk at 4:00am
Understanding your financial incompetence.
We do not want sleazy underwear for Christmas - Give us money
Why empty milk cartons don't need to stay in the fridge
Why it is unacceptable to relieve yourself anywhere but the bathroom
Wonderful laundry techniques (formerly titled: ‘Don't wash my silks’)
You - The weaker sex.
You can fall asleep without it if you really try.
You don't really need that Porsche after thinning hair and mid-life crisis
You too can be a designated driver
You too, can do housework
You: The Weaker Sex
‘The weekend’ and ‘sports’ are not synonymous
I'll wear it if I damn well please
Reasons to give flowers.
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